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Zhongshan HongDe Decorative Materials Co.,Ltd

Zhongshan HongDe Decorative Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010, we specialized in compact laminate and it's deep processing product.

Our products mainly are including Compact Laminate,  Public Toilet Partition System, Lockers, Wall Cladding System, Physiochemical Board,Lab Countertop, office furniture ,ecological aluminum door,Benches & Seating, multiple indoor and outdoor leisure furniture.

They are widely used in public area, such as airport,train station, stadium, school, factory, hospital, office building,etc

HONGDE’s products are popular because of their characteristics of refractory, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, pollution-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant , anti-impact, moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, anti-static and easy to clean.

 All products are not only well recognized in domestic maket but also  exported to   Europe, America and Southeast?Asian,South America countries,our products are famous for the high quality and competitive price.


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