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Functional features of toilet partition system
Category: Industry Information
Date: 2019-12-06
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Author: hongde
Functional features of toilet partition system:It can be combined randomly, has strong elasticity, can be used repeatedly

Functional features of toilet partition system:

It can be combined randomly, has strong elasticity, can be used repeatedly, and reduces the cost in the replacement process

Material design makes the overall interior environment design and style more close to the corporate image and corporate culture

With the function of moving at any time, the line can be maintained at any time, safe, generous, convenient and does not affect the overall beauty

Matching materials can be selected and matched with each other, effectively dividing space use and expanding design style field

The accessories of various structures can be disassembled and reorganized at any time, without affecting other adjacent modules at all, so as to reduce the pollution and waste of resources caused by disassembly and assembly to zero

The selection of partition is mainly from the design style. At present, the methods of partition mainly include fixed partition and movable partition; from the effect of partition, it can be divided into three types: atmosphere full closed type, semi closed type and open type; from the source, it can be divided into two types: owner's own purchase and on-site production. At present, wall partition, bead curtain partition, low cabinet partition, screen partition, glass partition, bar partition, sliding door partition, shelf partition, fabric partition and combination partition are commonly used in home decoration design.

In terms of style selection, it is necessary to choose whether to use fixed or flexible ones according to the space and region; whether to choose light-proof, sound-proof or permeable ones.

Due to the difference in material, technology and production, the price of partition screen is also different. Some prices may be higher, some prices may be lower.

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