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Space partition
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Date: 2019-12-06
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Author: hongde
In the current housing design, in order to achieve the mutual exchange and integration of various spaces

In the current housing design, in order to achieve the mutual exchange and integration of various spaces, a room is often given multiple functions. Partition can not only distinguish different functions of space, but also enhance the sense of hierarchy of space, or achieve the role of beautifying space. According to the needs of the host, different partitions have different effects. If you use the right place, you can add a lot of color to your room.

1. Furniture partition

——Large space cutting hand

Furniture partition is a kind of furniture that can not only bear the function of furniture but also play the role of partition of living room, such as decorative cabinet, bookcase, sofa, etc., which is often used in the hall, living room, study.

Layout Essentials: no matter cabinet or sofa, they are very practical partition furniture. They are mainly used in large living room or study. If the foyer is connected with the living room, without partition, the living room will have a panoramic view. Reasonably designing a decorative cabinet as partition can not only enhance the sense of space level, but also make the living room appear empty. And the arc sofa of the central part of the living room also plays the role of partition space.

Study also needs to be cut off sometimes. If the bedroom is connected with the study, in order to make the space more transparent, the two spaces are often opened. At this time, the bookcase can be used as the partition, which not only distinguishes the space, but also makes the room more transparent.

Decorate skill: in this kind of furniture make the layout of partition, must consider good size in advance, otherwise can make whole bedroom put the cart before the horse, top heavy footed. The size of the decorative cabinet should be based on the width of the hall, and the height should be higher than the height of ordinary people; the size of the sofa should follow the area of the living room, and the sofa placed in the center should not be too large; and the size of the bookcase, of course, depends on the distance between the bedroom and the study, never let the width of the bookcase exceed the width of a door. Secondly, we should pay attention to the problem of daylighting. If the daylighting effect is not good, no matter how good the partition furniture is, it will make the space dim and depressed. In the space with poor lighting, proper use of lights can make up for the shortcomings in this area.

2. Screen partition

——Incisive free division

Screen partition is characterized by small and light, can be moved at will, a variety of colors, where you want to put it.

Layout Essentials: a unique screen can not only get rid of the monotony of the space, but also add a different elegance to the room. The thin screen not only has good ventilation and light transmittance, but also is easy to move and store. Now, with its advantages of many styles and all kinds of colors, it caters well to the aesthetic vision of young people.

Layout skills: first of all, we should consider the color and style of furniture, and choose the one that matches it to create an artistic effect of "continuous separation", otherwise it will damage the atmosphere of the whole room. The screen is also elegant, placed under the window, can block the sun; placed near the door, can isolate interference; placed beside the bed, can create a secret resting atmosphere.

3.Glass partition: the first choice of toilet

The glass partition is bright and transparent, which has the function of expanding space. The smaller room is also suitable. The waterproof, moistureproof and anticorrosive properties of glass also decide that it becomes the first choice of toilet partition. Glass partition best according to the size of customized, in the major building materials market have sales.

Layout Essentials: the glass has a bright, transparent texture, giving people a mild and clean feeling, using it as a partition, even in a small room, it will also have the role of expanding space. Glass also has water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and other properties, it is quite common to use it in the partition of the toilet. For example, the use of translucent glass to do the partition of dry and wet areas, or open toilets, glass walls to do the partition of space, can play a role in dividing areas and creating atmosphere.

Layout skills: when choosing glass partition, we should fully consider the texture of glass and what kind of decoration style is suitable for it. In terms of color and material, glass belongs to cold light system, which is suitable for simple and bright decoration style, while furniture with heavy material will be abrupt and incongruous when matched with it. The glass is easy to reflect light. When installing, it is necessary to fully consider whether its position will cause the conflict between the light source and the line of sight.

4. Fabric partition: the warm secret of bedroom

For example, cloth curtains, sand curtains, etc. belong to fabric partition, with the characteristics of easy hanging and easy change, low price and various designs, which can be randomly matched according to the overall style of the room.

Layout Essentials: most of the bedrooms adopt the way of hard partition with sandwich walls to make some spaces hidden. However, in some specific rooms, such as bedrooms, it will appear rigid and stiff if the hard partition is completely adopted. It is advisable to try cloth curtains, sand curtains, beads and so on to replace the traditional hard partition.

Layout skills: soft fabric partition, in the selection of a certain amount of attention, color matching is very important. The strong and bright colors make the room lively; the deep color with heavy texture makes the room compact; the light and elegant warm color makes the room warm.

On the empty wall, there is always a need for some decorations, and hanging decorative paintings is the best choice for most people. However, how to choose and hang a small painting can really make the finishing point, rather than become a pity on the wall. There are many tricks in it.

Let the decorative painting add color to the wall

Add color claim: abstract has always been regarded as an art that is difficult to understand. In fact, the more difficult it is to understand, the more eye-catching it is. Although many people can't understand the content of the painting, they know whether the painting is good-looking or not, and whether they are willing to stay for this, which is enough for ordinary families. If it is a modern simple style of home, with the abstract to set off avant-garde concept, can play a role in improving the quality of space.

Unfortunately: when many families choose decorative paintings, they only consider the content of the picture itself and ignore the frame or its shape.

Add color advocate: if the space that puts adornment picture metope is rectangle, should choose adornment picture of same shape. If some places need semicircle decorative paintings, and there is no such shape of decorative frame on the market at present, you can make an article in the picture, highlight semicircle on the content, and make people's vision produce a sense of harmony. If the room has stairs, you can cooperate with the gradual upward trend of the space to place irregular decorative paintings at the turn of the stairs along with the shape of the stairs, so as to lengthen people's sight.

Source finding: a good concept is better than a big price

\Add color proposition: do not need to buy expensive ornaments, as long as you use your brain a little bit, you can use the household articles as ornaments. For example, two simple and fashionable benches are placed beside the wall, together with a freehand painting of the same color system and several candlesticks, you can form a beautiful scenery line

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