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Several methods of partition in toilet
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Date: 2019-12-06
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Author: hongde
Method 1: if the bathroom area in the home is OK, the wall can also be divided by building half of the wall in the bathroom. To do this, we need to open niches in the wall

Method 1: if the bathroom area in the home is OK, the wall can also be divided by building half of the wall in the bathroom. To do this, we need to open niches in the wall, which is more convenient for our daily toiletries. We can also put clothes, hang dry towels and other things in the niches. From the perspective of aesthetics, such toilets are still very design oriented.

Method 2: if the bathroom area is not large, there is no way to separate the wet and dry in the bathroom. In order to avoid the water products contacting the bathroom products in the bath, the best way is to choose the concealed toilet and cupboard. From the perspective of overall aesthetics, the space looks much more spacious.


Method 3: the bathroom curtain interval if the bathroom at home is equipped with a bathtub, you can also use the shower curtain to do the interval in the bathroom, so that you don't have to worry about the overflow of bathtub water, and you can also achieve a good effect of dry and wet separation.

Method 4: we believe that many young people will choose the bathroom shower room as the glass interval, which can not only ensure the lighting of the whole bathroom. It won't take up too much area. It really starts from the separation of dry and wet. If you can install a wall type toilet in the bathroom, it will save a lot of space, even if you want to put a washing machine in the bathroom.


II. Precautions for toilet door partition

1. We also need to be clear about the partition of the toilet door to avoid unnecessary troubles. When we choose the partition door, we must choose regular products and carefully check whether there is a commodity certificate. When identifying the materials of products to be purchased, we should pay attention to that most of the partition doors are tempered glass, and it is better to have hidden pattern materials.

2. When choosing the color and pattern, the partition door of the toilet should be in harmony with the decoration style of our bathroom, otherwise it will easily affect the beauty of the toilet. For example, most consumers now like partition doors with patterns and translucency, which are highly decorative. But some of the more traditional people choose opaque cloth partition, so that others can use the bathroom when bathing.

3. The bathroom is also known as the shower room. Generally, this place is very easy to get wet and has a lot of water flow. Therefore, we need to spray the framework of the shower room with aluminum alloy surface to prevent corrosion and rust. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the opening and closing of the door is convenient and light, and whether the frame combination uses stainless steel screws.

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